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Great Works of Automatic Filling System for Adhesive


Gluing system by using hot melt adhesive becomes popular choices of many industries. The adhesive can have stronger quality by using the hot melt adhesive. However, it has special attention. The gluing process requires high temperature to melt the adhesive materials. The granules should be melted in very high temperature before it is ready to use. In the process, it involves the step of filling the melters. This becomes concern because accidents can happen during the filling process. Direct contact with the high temperature of melters can cause problems. Thus, Robatech introduces automatic filling system for adhesive that will be able to provide better safety for the whole gluing process.

Automatic Filling System

In the gluing process involving the hot melt adhesives, melters play important roles. It is the place where the material of adhesive is inserted before it is melted and applied on the designated area for gluing. Because it uses the high temperature, the melters also have high temperature. In the manual filling process, there is possibility of direct contact to the body of melters and burns can happen. Thus, operators or people who are in charge of filling the melters should use protective gears. In order to prevent the problems, Robatech develops automatic filling system. It will use special method and it works automatically. By doing so, it reduces the risks of accidents, so safety of operator is guaranteed.

Effective Use of Automatic Filling System

Safety is ensured with the automatic filling system for adhesive from Robatech. It is no longer necessary to fill the granular form of adhesive to the melters that can cause injuries and accidents. In this case, Robatech actually provides better system because melters and the containers are located in the separated area. There is granulate container that will be responsible to contain the granular forms of adhesive. Then, it will supply the hot tanks or melters with the granules that later will be melted. It uses effective system so the supply of material is controlled precisely.

This post was published on 14/05/2022

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