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Great Attractions and Destinations for the City Tours of Hamburg

Germany becomes perfect destination when you want to have interesting experience in your vacation. Germany is not just famous country with great development of technology. When you go to Germany, you will see great culture, civilization, and also histories. There are many interesting places where you can see past, and present are mixed together to become something astonishing. One of the great destinations will be Hamburg. This is one of the special places in Germany.  Of course, it is great decision when you choose to have Stadtführung Hamburg and spend some days in this exotic city.

Interesting City Tour of Hamburg

When it talks about Hamburg, it is mostly popular because of its nightlife. That is why the best moment to explore the city is after then sunset. You will see something different when the skies get darker. The city will provide you with many great attractions. In this case, its red light district becomes one of the main attractions. You can have special red light tours if you want it. Of course, it is not the only good thing in Hamburg, and you can skip the red light district if you do not like it.

As for the city tour, there is something special as how you are going to explore the city. In this case, you can ride go-kart. This is something special in Hamburg where you can have go-cart tours. It is not something that will break the rules since there are many go-carts approved for the road use and it is supported by the government. This is surely different from driving car since go-cart will have its own attraction and sensation when you are on the road. Next, you can have blind city tours. This will literally make you blind where you cannot see anything. You will only be able to perceive all around by from the sounds. This may sound crazy, but many tourists love it and you will get different experiences and it is not bad idea at all.


Special Places in Hamburg

In addition to the city tours, there are some important landmarks that you should visit. It is true that mostly the tours will be centered in St. Pauli, but Hamburg is not only about it. There are more things that you should explore. One of them is the Speicherstadt. This is special place in Hamburg and Germany. Even, it is one of the special places in the world since it becomes one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is a great complex of warehouse and port. You will be able to see great buildings that worked as warehouses in the past. Then, you will see canals where you can also get chance to explore. This is part of important history in Germany.

Next, you can choose Michel. This is special spot in Hamburg. Michel is actually a church tower. This is special tower because of its architecture. You can explore the tower when you want to see its great beauty. Then, you can reach the top of the tower. Its height is around 132 meters. This gives great benefit since you will get chance to see the whole view of the city from the top of the tower. Even, its height makes Michel an attractive building that can be seen from water area of Hamburg.