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Floor Covering Considerations

Building a brick wall house with reinforced concrete structures requires no small cost. The problem is not everyone has the opportunity to use enough money to realize a friendly development that people wish. For example, in terms of finishing the floor covering, on average people think it’s good if it’s been installed with ceramic or marble on the inside of the room. While the outside of the house can be installed paving or natural stone. Nevertheless, funds are not yet available, so while the floor can be screed first. The problem is, if the process is not good, then the mixture of cement and sand that was previously used for mixing will be imperfect. Ground poured asphalt screed will be the good option to keep your house built in good condition for the inside.

Floor Screed before being Covered

During the floor screed process, we usually find cases such as dust sticking to the surface and this certainly will not be good at the result later. To prevent this, we can do a number of things. The first is to increase the cement mixture in the stir. This is done while working so that the plaster results become harder so there are fewer opportunities to produce dust. We can also cover the top of the floor screed with cement. The material consists of cement mixed with water and applied then flattened on the floor so that the surface of the plastering is covered by cement.

The use of plastic carpet. Using a plastic carpet as a temporary floor can also be done. Plastic carpet motifs can be selected according to taste because plastic carpet is available with a very large selection of motifs in building stores. You can find plastic carpet that resembles ceramic, wood, granite and other textures. The price is cheaper when compared to ceramic materials. However, you must pay attention to the quality of the plastic carpet. It is better to choose a plastic carpet that is slightly thick, so it is not easily damaged.

Then, we can flush the surface of the floor with water, in this way, flying dust will clot under because it is mixed with water. After that, immediately wipe the lump of dust so that later after the floor is dry, there is no dust that makes the surface slippery and dirty. To install ceramics or other coverings, will definitely need funds that need to be calculated properly so that we can get the best results for our homes. You can discuss this with a building expert once.

The selection of contractors is very necessary

In building a house, let alone a house for residential use, we need to build a house that is very comfortable for us and our families. For this reason, it is very important to consider when choosing the services of a contractor who builds your home. It would be very good to choose a contractor who provides his services with many offers. We must be able to negotiate in advance before the house is built and also we must be able to oversee the construction of the house during the process. Choose a contractor that is trusted and provides a guarantee.