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Dust Control Tips to Prevent Air Pollution in Construction Site

Dust and airborne particles are inevitable in construction sites. The construction process and overall materials will leave dusts everywhere. However, it is not something that can be ignored. It can be considered as pollution, and it brings bad impact on the workers and even surroundings. When the construction sites are located around residences, it will cause greater problems since more people will get the problems. That is why dust control is important. In this case, there are some tips to handle the dust and airborne particles so it will take less harm on surroundings.

Setting up Physical Barrier

One of the tips is to use physical barriers. There are many ways to use the physical barriers. It can be fences or walls. One of the purposes of the barriers is to prevent the airborne particles and dusts to spread in wider area. At least, those particles are controlled in certain area. Then, the barrier is useful to prevent the wind to blow the particles that may also spread the particles. Of course, it does not need to be permanent barriers since it is only to prevent the particles and later it can be removed once the construction is complete.

Using Dust Control System

The barriers are useful since it controls the dust in certain area. However, it does not remove the dusts. To remove it, dust control system is necessary. This can bring good function to collect the dust and airborne particles, so it is effect to prevent the harm because of the pollution. In this case, MobyDick has excellent dust control system. It uses the water droplets to control the dusts, so it is easier. The water droplets will work its job to gather the dusts and particles. In this case, MobyDick has various options of dust control system with different specifications, distance, and power. Construction industries or firms can choose the most suitable technology that is suitable to the field or sites.